Turkey and sprout potstickers x AEG

A sure fire way to use of festive leftovers but also works just as well with leftover chicken from the sunday roast. If sprouts aren’t in season simply use any leftover green vegetables.

Turkey and sprout potstickers x AEG
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: Makes 12
  • 1 turkey/ chicken breast finely chopped
  • A handful of shredded sprouts
  • 1 tsp. finely grated ginger
  • 1 tsp. toasted sesame oil
  • 1 tsp. rice wine vinegar
  • 12 dumpling wrappers
  • 3 tbsp. soy sauce
  • Juice of ½ a lime
  • 1 tsp. of Cranberry sauce
  • Spring onion
  • Pomegranate
  1. Into a pan over a medium heat add a little vegetable oil and fry the turkey, shredded sprouts and ginger until it starts to turn golden.
  2. Pour into a bowl and allow to cool for a couple of minutes. Add the sesame oil and white wine vinegar and stir to combine. Put a teaspoon of the mixture into a dumpling wrapper and wet the edge with water. Bring the potsticker up into the middle and fold the edge furthest away from you into the centre to form a concertina fold before pressing down to seal. Continue with the rest.
  3. Heat a frying pan over a medium - high heat and add a teaspoon of oil. Place the potstickers bottom side down into the pan and fry for 2-3 minutes until the bottom is crispy. Add a splash of water and out a lid over the pan, steam for 6-8 minutes.
  4. Into a small bowl add the soy sauce, lime juice, cranberry sauce and mix.
  5. Once the potstickers are translucent, serve immediately with the dip and spring onion and pomegranate sprinkled over the top.

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