The Big Easy, Canary Wharf

25th February 2016By 2 Comments

Since its opening on the Kings Road in 1991, the Big Easy has been an absolute firm favourite of mine for years and years and years. The phrase “Shall we go to the KR Daaarling” often frequented my weekend dialogue with friends and grabbing a bowl of Voodoo chicken wings at the Big Easy was the obligatory half way stop…

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Cider and Pancetta Clams

13th August 2015By Leave a Comment

Clams are quickly becoming one of my favourite types of shellfish. There’s no de-bearding needed, no scrubbing of barnacles; they’re relatively fuss free. They also contain more iron than steak, are considered a lean protein and packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Cooked like this, in pancetta and cider with a very (very!) moorish sauce, you’ve got delicious, protein packed lunch…

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Orzo alle vongole

4th July 2015By Leave a Comment

Nothing, absolutely nothing screams summer to me more than spaghetti alle vongole. During my holidays to Italy I would get through at least a plate a day and even outside of Italy, whenever I get given the opportunity, I will always order fresh clams in a buttery, white wine and garlic sauce. I’ve come up with something a little different,…

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