Lemon, chilli and garlic Prawns

3rd September 2015By Leave a Comment

I’m a lover of prawns in a fritto misto, but even though traditionally not served in a batter in favour of a dusting of flour I still don’t feel particularly confident that deep frying the critters is doing me a lot of good. So … on the theme this is how I like to eat mine. A little different from its Italian…

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Cider and Pancetta Clams

13th August 2015By Leave a Comment

Clams are quickly becoming one of my favourite types of shellfish. There’s no de-bearding needed, no scrubbing of barnacles; they’re relatively fuss free. They also contain more iron than steak, are considered a lean protein and packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Cooked like this, in pancetta and cider with a very (very!) moorish sauce, you’ve got delicious, protein packed lunch…

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Orzo alle vongole

4th July 2015By Leave a Comment

Nothing, absolutely nothing screams summer to me more than spaghetti alle vongole. During my holidays to Italy I would get through at least a plate a day and even outside of Italy, whenever I get given the opportunity, I will always order fresh clams in a buttery, white wine and garlic sauce. I’ve come up with something a little different,…

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Prosecco and Leek Mussels

10th June 2015By Leave a Comment

I have a bit of a major thing for mussels. I remember going to a particular restaurant with my mum when I was little and we’d gorge ourselves on mussles, lapping up all the creamy white wine sauce with lashings of French bread. I’m still prone to a Moules marinière but at home I like to cook a lighter take…

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