GODO new menu and pop up

8th February 2016By 1 Comment

Last week I was invited to the launch of a new menu at House of GODO, a pasta delivery service and pop up restaurant in Piccadilly, London that serve Michelin Starred pasta dishes. It’s the Actor’s curse to get sick immediately before filming, and so, unable to move, the lovely team behind GODO delivered some dishes straight to my door….

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Garlic, olive oil and chilli spelt spaghetti

12th June 2015By Leave a Comment

This pasta dish is sinfully easy. It swiftly became one of my favourite dishes in Italy because of its simplicity and punchy flavours. Rather than using standard spaghetti or linguine, I like to use spelt spaghetti. It’s a little denser and nuttier in taste but it’s also high in protein and contains less gluten than regular wheat pasta.