Pork and Sage Lasagne

24th October 2017By Leave a Comment

More often than not, the day after the night before, I need stodge, cheese and carbs. I want something easy to prepare and leave the stove and oven to do all the work for me. I bring you my Pork and Sage Lasagne. A slightly different take on the original we all know and love and a little bit lighter,…

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The Sunday Burger

9th August 2015By Leave a Comment

This burger is the don. There’s nothing healthy about this burger and that’s exactly how it should be. It does, however, feel strangely better for you than the sloppy burgers you get at fast food joints, and there’s a ‘slight’ possibility that it is. Nothing is deep-fried, cooked straight from frozen or suffering from questionable salmonella/ e-coli; this is all…

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Quinoa and blackbean burger with pea guacamole and crispy pancetta

2nd June 2015By 1 Comment

This MONSTER of a burger is so delicious and easy to make that I promise you’ll not only love it but won’t feel cheated by the lack of a beef pattie. I’m not a vegetarian so I love mine with some crispy pancetta for a salty kick but any veggies out there, just omit the pancetta and you’ve got a…

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