Prosciutto, ricotta and parmesan tortelloni with pea pesto for Kenwood

5th June 2018By Leave a Comment

This is a corker of a dish that takes me back to my childhood, using my mum’s famous pea pesto. I’ve teamed up with Kenwood to show you how to make my Tortelloni recipe using the Kenwood Chef. The video for this recipe is available on the Milly Cookbook Facebook page and the Kenwood page here. 

Charred chicken, quinoa and black bean burritos

13th July 2015By Leave a Comment

I do love a burrito … there’s something so comforting about crispy chicken, rice, sweet peppers, lashings of hot sauce, guacamole and cheese wrapped in a hot floury tortilla. Delicious and amazing as it is, also not so amazing for the waistline when eaten too often so I am going to show you how to make a  version that trust…

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Orzo alle vongole

4th July 2015By Leave a Comment

Nothing, absolutely nothing screams summer to me more than spaghetti alle vongole. During my holidays to Italy I would get through at least a plate a day and even outside of Italy, whenever I get given the opportunity, I will always order fresh clams in a buttery, white wine and garlic sauce. I’ve come up with something a little different,…

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Baked cod with charred asparagus and a tomato, olive and caper sauce

18th June 2015By 1 Comment

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated dishes – just good food from fresh ingredients. As the gloriously muggy British summer approaches there’s nothing better than fresh, light and tasty food that isn’t heavy or going to attack you with a bout of bloat. My baked cod is easy to prepare, reminiscent of the Mediterranean and simple yet impressive…

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