13th February 2016By 1 Comment

We’re all familiar with the Friends moment when Rachel and Chandler drop a cheesecake on the floor but whip out a fork and eat it anyway. Sometimes, only cheesecake will do, and for those days when you want nothing else but need a lighter version, I have the perfect solution. Forget the classic heavy cheesecake and try my skinny chocolate orange jelly cheesecake. Moorish,…

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The Classic Vicky Sponge

21st January 2016By Leave a Comment

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a slice of cake for Sunday afternoon tea; something so horribly British but oh so bloody brilliant too. So pop the kettle on, make some cucumber sandwiches and make the easiest Victoria Sponge. Handed down through my family this is faultless and absolutely delicious.

Peanut butter cookie and banana “ice cream” sandwiches

17th June 2015By Leave a Comment

This is a little bit awesome .. even if i do say so myself. Yes, we’re making cookies here, but we’re not throwing chocolate chips or toffee into them, we’re adding peanut butter which is actually pretty good for you as long as you buy the right stuff. What makes it even better is that we’re not going to add…

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