Milly Cookbook takes on Millie’s Cookies for Iceland

18th July 2017By 8 Comments

Let’s get something straight. Any opportunity to bung something in the oven and hey-presto it’s done – I’m game. Fool people into thinking you’ve spent hours tirelessly kneading croissant dough and I’m all over it. Nothing beats a crispy, flaky, warm from the oven pastry in the morning, and so when Iceland came to me as a fellow Milly to…

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Breakfast at Arabica Bar and Kitchen

17th February 2016By 2 Comments

After being invited for a cocktail and canapé masterclass in Levantine spices at Arabica Bar and Kitchen last year it was about time I tried their breakfast menu, offering culinary wonders of Middle Eastern takes on classics such as a BLT with pomegranate molasses soaked lamb bacon and traditional pans of Shakshuka ready to dip some fresh baked flatbreads into and dribble…

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Breakfast at Lima Floral, Covent Garden Review

25th November 2015By 2 Comments

Struggling through the hoards of shoppers and tourists at Leicester Square last Saturday morning, feeling languid and verging on becoming unhinged it suddenly dawned on me that my slowly morphing into the Hungry Monster was due to the unthinkable -I’d skipped breakfast; fatal error. But where on earth does one get some breakfast in Leicester Square that doesn’t consist of wok in a…

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Eggy blueberry and raspberry pancakes

4th July 2015By 4 Comments

Pancakes? With absolutely no carbohydrates I hear you say? Ay ay Captain … However …. I owe it to you to break it down. These pancakes are a bit different, indeed, they have absolutely no flour in them so they’re not pillowy and starchy like the ones we all know and love. They are however, solid protein and fibre so if you’re craving…

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Italian baked eggs

11th June 2015By Leave a Comment

This is a staple weekend brunch dish for me. Delicious, easy and all in one pan it’s quick and easy to make and prefect food for the morning after the night before. We’ve all been there. Not only a fantastic source of potassium and vitamins A and C, tomatoes contain cancer fighting lycopene and are an all-round fantastic source of…

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