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Helloooo Everyone!

Wow – what a crazy few months it’s been and now I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I am doing two Cookbooks with HQ at Harper Collins! My first book, “Milly’s Real Food” will be available to pre-order on Amazon soon and be in shops 4th May 2017 in hardback priced £20.

I’m chuffed to be publishing some good old Home Cooked recipes. I’ve had enough of these self-diagnosing and self-persecuting ‘fad-diets’ – I don’t want to cut out gluten, meat, dairy or sugar and I sure as FIG don’t want to eat an avocado “brownie” … I want the real thing!

I’m a strong believer of cooking food from scratch and eating everything in moderation, favouring using sustainable, accessible and affordable ingredients and cooking REAL FOOD. I’m so excited to share this with you all.

Thank you for all your support, you’re all ruddy brilliant and I wouldn’t be here without you.


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