Pork and Sage Lasagne

24th October 2017By Leave a Comment

More often than not, the day after the night before, I need stodge, cheese and carbs. I want something easy to prepare and leave the stove and oven to do all the work for me. I bring you my Pork and Sage Lasagne. A slightly different take on the original we all know and love and a little bit lighter,…

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Hail the Kale Caesar

5th August 2015By Leave a Comment

Craving a Caesar Salad but want a healthier, dinner party worthy recipe? Then look no longer my friends … All hail the Kale Caesar. A different take on the classic chicken caesar salad opting for raw kale over lettuce, homemade baked croutons, toasted almonds, homemade light caesar dressing, white anchovies and slices of crispy quinoa crusted chicken. D-double-lish.

Cauliflower Pizzas

3rd August 2015By 2 Comments

I love pizza, and if I’m trying to eat healthy it literally pains me that I have to steer clear of its cheesy, salty fluffy yumminess …. That was until word spread around that you could make pizza out of CAULIFLOWER! I know, sounds foul but bear with me, it really really works. When prepped properly, cauliflower has the capacity…

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Charred chicken, quinoa and black bean burritos

13th July 2015By Leave a Comment

I do love a burrito … there’s something so comforting about crispy chicken, rice, sweet peppers, lashings of hot sauce, guacamole and cheese wrapped in a hot floury tortilla. Delicious and amazing as it is, also not so amazing for the waistline when eaten too often so I am going to show you how to make a  version that trust…

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Harissa chicken with saffron rice

11th June 2015By Leave a Comment

As a Brit, I love a Sunday Roast, I think many of us do. But as the weather is getting hotter sometimes I don’t feel like a massive plate of stodge in front of me. On days like these, I like to cook up my Harissa chicken. Sinfully easy to make but impressive to your guests, it also makes for…

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Quinoa and blackbean burger with pea guacamole and crispy pancetta

2nd June 2015By 1 Comment

This MONSTER of a burger is so delicious and easy to make that I promise you’ll not only love it but won’t feel cheated by the lack of a beef pattie. I’m not a vegetarian so I love mine with some crispy pancetta for a salty kick but any veggies out there, just omit the pancetta and you’ve got a…

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