Salted Caramel Easter Croissants

26th March 2016By Leave a Comment

Those of you of a ‘raw vegan, fairy dusted paleo’ disposition look away now. These are for the Sunday Funday dairy and sugar monsters; myself included. There’s no beating around the bush, this is quite frankly the best assembly of shop bought ingredients and full to the brim with oozing chocolatey goodness. And to be honest, on Easter Sunday, what…

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Banana pancakes with lemon icing

8th February 2016By 2 Comments

Should you be wanting pancakes of the healthier variety this Shrove Tuesday then these little beauties are for you. Similar to my zero carbohydrate blueberry and raspberry pancakes these contain a little self-raising four to give them their usual fluffy texture but still packed protein rich banana and eggs to make them lighter. Choice of topping is up to you but I’ve gone…

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‘Better for you’ Benedict with “hollandaise”

27th September 2015By Leave a Comment

This is what it’s all about. Those of you who read my brunch posts will know I’m a bit of an eggs Benedict fiend. I love hollandaise sauce, purely for the reason that it’s predominantly made entirely out of butter but let’s be realistic; it’s not very good for you and very high in calories so we shouldn’t eat it…

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The Milly Breakfast Muffin

1st September 2015By Leave a Comment

  Hungover? Post holiday blues? Even if you don’t have an *eggs-cuse and just want something a bit decadent, gooey and yummy then look no further for a breakfast that will make you feel top notch and back in the land of human beings. Full of cheese, ham and a runny yolked egg, my Milly breakfast muffin will have you…

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Homemade Chorizo Baked Beans

28th August 2015By Leave a Comment

Bear with me here. I understand the “why bother when there’s a can”  mentality but listen up, canned baked beans contain a fair amount of salt and sugar which as we all know isn’t too great for the old body. What’s more, when they’re so easy to make and there’s an opportunity to add even more flavour and goodness, why…

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Coco-choco-mint Smoothie

26th July 2015By 1 Comment

Here’s a super easy, quick and tasty morning smoothie for you that tastes of mint choice chip but with some added health benefits. Mint is very calming on the stomach, soothing indigestion or an upset tummy. Banana is a fantastic source of potassium and fibre and cocoa is rich in antioxidants. Reach for this smoothie after a night out and…

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