About Milly

Although I’m rather fond of my ingrained nickname Milly, my real name is Nicola Millbank and I’m an Actress by day in Film and Television and an avid foodie by night. I live in London with my fiancé and miniature dachshund Darcey and cooking wholesome, real food has always been an integral part of my life.

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘Clean Eating’ trend that’s been sweeping the nation. If that’s your gig then cool, as you were, but that’s not my thing. My primary issue with the term ‘Clean Eating’ is that it insinuates that unless you follow a sugar-free, alcohol-free (God forbid) gluten-free lifestyle that you’re eating dirty. Eating a bowl of courgetti in placement of spaghetti is about as appealing to me as eating a sponge. I don’t get a kick out of that. And don’t get me started with the raw-avocadao-matcha-quinoa brownies? … Just have a sodding brownie!

On this website are recipes that a fitting testament to my philosophy “Everything in moderation”, using accessible and affordable ingredients – no weekly pay cheques spent at a health food stores on coconut oil and spirulina. It’s all about fresh, affordable and accessible produce – the best of British grub, embracing European, Mediterranean, Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisines that have heavily influenced what we eat today.

I don’t believe in fad-diets, never have and here at Milly Cookbook I will be showing you it’s not all about deprivation and dull food but about healthy, nourishing and exciting dishes that you and your body will love.

Let’s get cooking some Real Food.